How Does This Service Work? Is It Really Free?

Yes! Our apartment locating service is free for the prospective resident. We have contracts with hundreds of communities. It is a referral based service in which we refer prospective tenants to communities, and if they rent and sign a lease, we get a referral commission paid by the landlord.

Let us help you find your next rental property today!

How Do I Know That These Prices Are Real?

We are informed of new rent specials and discounts by the property manager and or landlords of the most current pricing. Since we work with hundreds of properties, we will try our best to find you what you are looking for, and may be able to waive application fees and or admin fees for you! So it does pay to come see us! we can also provide credit checks for $16.00.

How Quickly Can you locate me an apartment? When can I move in?

We give you a list of apartments the same day that you are pre-approved, after we run your credit and background for $15 per adult. In some instances we can find you a new apartment or home the same day you come to us. It is more likely that we find you a place within 24 to 48 hours because the apartment management companies have an application process, which includes a credit and criminal record check, it often takes a couple days for an approval.

Can you help someone find an apartment with an eviction and bad Credit?

Absolutely!! There are apartments in Arizona that allow renters with an eviction on their credit. Because these apartments are more difficult to locate this is a great reason to contact Apartments Now today!